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AdC will play at ProgDay 2012 (USA) in September (1st or 2nd)

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1. G.B. Evidence
2. Arabesque
3. Dark Magus
4. L'Ombra di un Sogno
5. Più Limpida e Chiara di Ogni Impressione Vissuta, part I
6. Battery Park
*Richard Sinclair at voice

Kublai represents ordered chaos, light and dark, the balance between written and improvised music, as illustrated both by the cover and by the music.
On the cover is the same sphere of Kinesis, but transformed into something different, which appears to be more linear, essential and complex at the same time. Many small irregular circles are subtly interwoven in a larger regular circle. This is the logo of Accordo dei Contrari (Accord of the Opposites).
The music is articulated in six different parts, from light to dark, and from dark to light. G.B. Evidence is life in its smiling burst of energy. Arabesque moves to quieter places, filled with meditation, dances, silence and distant laments. The middle part of this track is improvised. Dark Magus starts with a gong that marks a passage from the visible to the invisible, builds to a climax of tension, and finally ends abruptly with a leap into the abyss, evoked by the scraping of the strings of the acoustic piano. From the following silence a few voices emerge, singing a quite elegy: it is L’Ombra di un Sogno (Shadow of a Dream), a song of memories. Then the first part of Più Limpida e Chiara di Ogni Impressione Vissuta (More Limpid and Clearer than Every Lived Impression), originally conceived for acoustic piano and violin and here arranged for electric quartet, breaks into in an aggressive vein – it is a new burst of energy, representing life with its hopes and fears. Battery Park ends the album; this track is inspired by the gentle flow of the Hudson river on a windy and sunny day of February 2007 in New York City.

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